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"I now sleep a little easier"

New dad Sven said "As new parents we were scared of SIDS, but Bluebell allowed us to check her breathing and position in bed so massively helped us to be more relaxed at night".


Bluebell's got everything!

It has so many parts that help me out everyday.

"I feel so much calmer now"

New mum Francesca, says "the alerts are really good – I was so worried about leaving Aria to nap while I was downstairs but I feel so much calmer now".

"I am able to finally keep track of our routine"

New mum Alexandra said "Bluebell tracks Luke's sleep, how long i've breastfed for, how many nappies i've changed and how long i've been pumping - it's a little life saver"

"Everything is shown in the app"

New dad Dan says "our baby was born premature, and it gives us peace of mind that she is safe, without overwhelming us with unnecessary data"

"I can control everything from the app - it's super smart"

"I love all the features such as the nightlight, whitenoise and lullabies that I control with my phone. I use the app to listen in and speak to my baby too - great for settling him if he's stirring in the night"

"I now don't wake up 100 times a night worrying"

Mum Clare said, "I’m a big worrier and just knowing that I’ll feel the watch vibrate if anything’s up with my little one has helped me get to sleep a bit better and I don’t wake up 100 times a night worrying!"

"Its all your essentials in one!"

New mum Melissa films how Bluebell helps her and Miley throughout the day! "It’s such an inovative way of baby monitoring and takes so many worries away for parents"