The positive power of the internet and social media for new parents
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The positive power of the internet and social media for new parents

Becoming a new parent is certainly an emotional rollercoaster, amazing and daunting in equal measures.  There is every chance you’ll be feeling all the feels in the space of one day – scared, happy, tired, ecstatic, lonely – sometimes all at once! And while you adjust to the emotional minefield, you’re also trying to get up-to-speed on what it takes to look after this amazing little human you are now responsible for, whilst managing on minimal sleep!

Add a pandemic and a lockdown to the mix and it could start to get too much for anyway! So, staying connected, especially with other new parents, knowing you’re not alone and accessing handy tips 24/7 can make a huge impact in terms of your wellbeing, especially with it’s your turn to do the 2am feed! 

Even though right now you can’t go to your local park or café for meetups, websites and social media can be a much-needed lifeline. At Bluebell, we know this, so we’ve got you covered with a handy list of online resources to bring you lots of tips; and keep you smiling and positive on your parenting journey.


Need some ideas on how to prepare your house for your little one’s new arrival? Marie Kondo is a great source of inspiration and provides useful tips and tricks towards streamlining your home in preparation for baby’s arrival. From kitchen to nursery organisation, ensuring you bring baby home to a clean and well organised space will help you through those first few difficult months – and Marie is pregnant too! So we’re sure she will be sharing even more useful tips as she prepares for her own baby’s arrival.

Follow Crate and Kids for some serious style inspiration when it comes to kitting out the nursery.  Luckily your  Bluebell monitor will look the part!