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Frequently asked questions

There is limited launch stock of Bluebell. You can make sure that you don’t miss out by pre-ordering your Bluebell now.

Bluebell will start shipping in the second half of May for pre-orders. We will keep you informed at every step.

Currently, Bluebell is only available to pre-order in the UK. However, if you are based outside the UK, please register your interest and we will let you know as soon as we launch in other countries.

Yes, we offer 45-day free return if you are not satisfied with Bluebell. Please keep your proof of purchase and get in touch with our customer service.

  • As parents ourselves, we understand that every baby is different, so there is no such thing as an ideal routine. That’s why Bluebell starts by tracking your baby’s routine. Your baby’s and your sleep is automatically tracked, and other activities such as nappy changes and feeds can be easily tracked with a button press on your Parent wristband or the Mobile app. No more fiddling with notepads or Excel sheets to capture your routine information. The more you track the more Bluebell can help you will understand your baby’s routine, to identify trends to help you improve it.
  • Bluebell also helps you plan your day and set reminders for routine activities to make sure you can follow your planned routine consistently. It also also gives you tips on how to improve your baby’s routine.
  • Finally, Bluebell’s Smart hub helps you create an ambient sleeping environment with a gentle night light and lullabies - these can be controlled through your Smart hub.
  • A baby’s routine and sleep pattern (especially in their early days) is due to their need to feed little and often, and their inability to tell day from night. Unfortunately, that means disturbed sleep for us parents. This is further complicated by our concerns about baby’s safety, and unrealistic expectations when she does not follow a text-book routine.
  • There are certain proven things that can help with getting baby into a good routine: tracking and understanding their routine, having a consistent bedtime routine, and helping baby gradually learn the difference between day and night.
  • Bluebell is designed to help you establish and follow a healthy routine; it helps you identify trends in baby’s routine and provides an ambient sleep environment (right temperature levels, gentle nightlight and soothing lullabies).
  • It provides you peace of mind through reliable and safe monitoring, meaning less worry and more sleep for you.
  • We also track your sleep and activity, guide you to understand your own lack of sleep, and tips on how to improve it.

Bluebell is simple and easy to use and, more importantly, you can use it in way that suits your parenting style and changing needs. The whole product is designed to inform you in an easy and intuitive way with metrics and data. As parents ourselves, we know that the challenges you face will change every 2-3 months - from worrying about monitoring, to baby’s sleep routine, etc. Therefore, Bluebell is designed so that you can customise which alerts you want to receive and their thresholds. You’re also able to choose, if any, which routine activities you want to track and how - giving you full control.

  • Yes. We have carefully defined the thresholds for different alerts, but we appreciate that every baby is different. As you get to know your little one more, you might want to adjust the thresholds for the alerts, as well as which alerts you want to receive. You can use the Mobile app to customise what alerts you receive and how you receive them.
  • On your Parent wristband, you can set different modes (day, night, flight, snooze and hibernate) to change how your Parent wristband works. Irrespective of these modes, it will still keep monitoring your sleep and activity.

​​​​​​​Bluebell provides alerts on both the Parent wristband and Mobile app. On the Parent wristband, the critical alerts are indicated both visually and by vibrations, which continue for up to five minutes until the alerts are confirmed i.e., acknowledged by you; this makes them very difficult to miss. And if you don’t acknowledge and the reason for the alert continues, then it will alert you again. If you acknowledge an alert and the reason for the alert is still ongoing (e.g. baby has a temperature), then it can be still be seen on both the Parent wristband and Mobile app, but you won’t keep receiving alerts.

  • No, far from it, Bluebell is not a replacement for an adult supervision and care for your baby as young babies need constant supervision for their safety. Safe sleep guidelines recommend that your baby sleeps in the same room as you/parent/carer for the first 6 months.
  • Unlike the audio and video monitors, which are mainly helpful if you are not with your baby, Bluebell is designed to be helpful even when you are with your baby, helping you caring for your baby and yourself; and tracking, planning and following a healthy routine.
  • Bluebell is not meant to be a replacement for adult supervision and care. It’s designed to support you in confidently caring for your baby and yourself.
  • When you are room-sharing with baby (but not bed-sharing as per the safe sleep advice), the monitoring of breathing, skin temperature, room temperature, no breathing movement alert, and baby rolled-over on tummy alerts will still be helpful for your reassurance and peace of mind.
  • However, Bluebell can pick-up external movement when bed-sharing so the breathing  monitoring and no-breathing alerts should not be relied upon if bed-sharing.
  • The other non-monitoring related benefits (routine tracking, sleep tracking, night-light and lullabies and support for your own well-being) will still be helpful for you, regardless of your sleeping arrangements with baby.
  • Bluebell monitors multiple things including breathing, baby’s skin temperature, room temperature and baby’s position, as well as tracking baby’s sleep and activity to keep you informed of how they’re doing - things that you can’t get from an audio or video monitor. Therefore, it Bluebell provides active rather than passive monitoring.
  • Bluebell also works as an audio monitor that can be used to listen in to baby’s room as needed.
  • The Parent wristband provides a more convenient and reliable way of monitoring your baby as we know that you’ll probably have your hands full. It ensures that, through the visual and vibrating alerts, you will not miss an alert, whatever you are doing and wherever you go.
  • Moreover, as parents ourselves, we understand that parenting can be challenging and, as parents, you need looking after too. So, it tracks and analyses your sleep and activity to understand and support your well-being.
  • Our solution uses different type of connectivity (Thread) which offers better reliability and security when compared to a Bluetooth connection. Also, it continues to work even if your WiFi is down or the network coverage on your phone is poor.
  • That means your Baby monitor and Parent wristband can’t connect to your Mobile app directly. You need the Smart hub to connect to the cloud and then to the Mobile app. So, you will get instant alerts on your Mobile app as long as the Baby monitor is within the range of the Smart hub connected to WiFi, and your phone has a network/WiFi connection.
  • Also, the Parent wristband offers a more hassle-free, convenient way of monitoring, freeing you up for not always having to carry anything else, including your mobile.
  • Your Bluebell account is structured as a family account and gives you flexibility to add other people to support you and share the care of your baby.
  • The Bluebell Mobile app can be downloaded and used by as many people as you want, whilst giving you control on the level of access (and time-bound access) - so they can’t view all the information or make changes.
  • New users must always be approved by you, so your information is kept safe.
  • The Baby monitor is made using hypoallergenic materials to reduce the chance of any skin allergies or hypersensitivity.
  • In case your baby develops skin sensitivity or a red friction mark where the Baby monitor comes into contact with their skin, it can be worn on the second layer of clothing over a thin inner layer till the sensitivity subsides. All monitoring apart from skin temperature will continue to work reliably, even over a thin layer of clothing (as long as the clothing is not loose). You can also change the position of the Baby monitor slightly to avoid it coming contact with a sensitive area.
  • The Baby monitor has ultra-low radiation and is approved as safe to use.
  • Moreover, we have worked to reduce radiation levels by using Thread technology which allows your Baby monitor to “sleep” when not sending information, therefore emitting even less radiation.
  • The device is not supposed to be chewed but, if they do accidentally have a nibble, there are no harmful coatings or materials used.
  • The monitor has also been designed to be choke proof.
  • Bluebell is not a medical device and not intended to be used as a medical device or as an alternative to a medical device for diagnosis, prevention, treatment or monitoring of any disease or injury. For any concerns about your baby’s health, please contact a healthcare professional for advice.
  • Bluebell is a consumer device intended to support and to track your baby’s and your wellbeing, routine and understand trends and insights based on the information collected.
  • Bluebell is not meant as a replacement for adult supervision and care of the baby, or as a professional medical diagnosis or care when baby is unwell.
  • It can be used to support you caring for your baby and yourself by tracking your baby’s and your wellbeing, and by helping you to plan and follow a healthy routine. It will help you understand trends for well-being and routine, which can be shared with professionals, when needed.
  • As with any other available monitoring solution, Bluebell does not prevent SIDS (commonly known as cot death) and should not be relied upon to do so. Bluebell is not intended to replace your adult supervision and care
  • Research (so far) has not found any particular reason for SIDS and it is likely to be a combination of factors. However, research has identified a number of risk factors that are clearly outlined in the Safe Sleep Guide from Lullaby Trust and other experts. Bluebell can detect some of these risk factors: if your baby has turned onto its tummy, room temperature and/or your baby being too hot or cold. It also alerts you if no breathing movement is detected for up to 20 seconds.

Bluebell’s Baby monitor is designed to be used from birth to up to 2 years of age.

  • Yes. The lightweight and soft nature of the device means that it will not irritate your baby or get in the way.
  • We have tested the Baby monitor with babies at different ages, including babies older than one year, who at times slept on their tummy. We did not observe any discomfort for baby.
  • The Baby monitor has been designed so that they can be worn 24/7, but it is not necessary for your baby to wear the device at all times. When the Baby monitor is not worn, we detect that it is not worn and we will alert you to make you aware. If you don’t want to monitor the baby, you can switch your Parent wristband to either flight or snooze mode.
  • However, the more the Baby monitor is worn, the more info it can collect to help you understand baby’s well-being and routine

The Baby monitor attachment is designed to be secure if attached properly. But if it does come loose, Bluebell system detects that it is not being worn by baby. It will alert you to make you aware and to check the attachment.

Yes. Both the Baby monitor and Parent wristband have fully enclosed, waterproof casing (compliant with IP67), although we advise that they are not submerged in water.

  • Yes. The Parent wristband can be switched between users for baby monitoring purposes, if needed. However, for consistency of the parent monitoring, it’s better if only one parent wears it.

Yes. Your Bluebell account and Smart hub can connect with multiple Baby monitors and Parent wristbands. We will soon allow you to buy second or third Parent wristband. If you’re interested in buying more, just register your interest on our website and we will let you know as soon as they’re available to buy.

The communication between the Baby monitor, Parent wristband and Smart hub is through Thread connectivity (2.4 GHz). The Smart hub uses WiFi to connect to the secure cloud using your home WiFi.

Whilst some Bluetooth based solutions have been reported to have connectivity issues, Bluebell is specifically designed to address those issues. It uses a mesh networking technology called Thread, similar to that used in other smart home devices. This offers a better network to keep the Baby monitor, Parent wristband and Smart hub connected safely and reliably without the need for a WiFi, 3G or 4G connection. This means that you can have peace of mind, as you’ll never miss an alert.

  • Due to our innovative use of the networking technology, the Baby monitor and Parent wristband continue to work together when you leave the house and are out of range of the Smart hub.
  • This means you can still receive alerts and notifications when you’re out and about. But please note that your Mobile app won’t be receiving any info from the Baby monitor or Parent wristband as they need the Smart hub to connect to the internet. The Baby monitor and Parent wristband will save summary information when out of the range of the Smart hub and then send this to the Smart hub as soon as you’re back in its range, so no information will be lost.
  • Also, if you go away for a weekend, or a longer holiday, you can easily take the sleek and compact Smart hub with you. Just connect it to the local, secure WiFi there and continue enjoying the benefits of Bluebell.
  • Bluebell’s Baby monitor, Parent wristband and Smart hub form a closed, secure, encrypted network when you first set them up. This means the connectivity is much more secure than traditional Bluetooth based solutions, which have been subject to hacking before.
  • The Smart hub sends encrypted data to the cloud, where it is stored using an in-built, secure system. Similarly, the cloud only sends encrypted data securely to the Mobile app.

Only you have access to your data which allows you to monitor your baby’s and your well-being, an to access data trends, insights and guidance through the app. If you need technical support and are happy for us to do so, we can temporarily access some of your technical diagnostic information to solve any issue more efficiently. If you opt-in for our newsletter separately, we will provide you information about other products, services and support as part of the Bluebell monitoring system.