Ho! Ho! Ho! Have you got in the festive spirit yet? It’s all cheerful alright, but it can be stressful as well, especially if you are a new dad. Your expensive bundle of joy has just arrived and you are still figuring out how to fit your life around this little being’s chaotic lifestyle.

Were you one of the dads who were caught snoring in the pre-natal classes? Or were you one of the dads that attended all possible classes, read all the relevant books and thought you had everything under control? If so, well done to you! But we know your secret – you are digging deep into your energy reserves to hold it all together. How do we know? We’ve been there, done that.

Nevertheless, when you see that toothless smile and the twinkle in their eyes when you get back home from work, none of the above matters and you are the happiest person on earth. Yes, we know.

Anyhow, this is your baby’s first Christmas. Your partner may already have bought an elf costume, a Santa costume, a Christmas jumper, a toy reindeer, a Christmas book, Christmas pyjamas and booked a photo-shoot all for the baby of course. What are you buying them? What more on earth could a small baby need? What about for your partner? If you are facing this festive dilemma, you are not alone.

To make your life a little bit easier, we have put together a short list of things that our babies absolutely loved.
Doorway bouncer – does not take up much space, easy to assemble, loads of fun, which wears them out for a good sleep.
A lovey – a small light-weight toy they could go to bed with. This could be their favourite toy for years to come. Jellycat Bunny and Sophie la girafe are our favourites.
A baby gym – if your baby is just a few weeks old. They will outgrow the gym by the time they start crawling, which is around 4-5 months.

So that’s one part of the problem solved. What are you getting your partner? There is no debate that they are going through a lot of highs and lows physically and emotionally. One minute they are deliriously happy in love (with the baby obviously), the next minute they are overwhelmed and sometimes even depressed by the radical change and the huge responsibility. Sleepless nights and exhaustion can make things messy and those hormones don’t help either! Therefore we suggest that your gift should be something that focuses on her, appreciates the strength within her and implies how immensely proud you are of her. And once again we are here to help with a perfect short list of gift ideas:
A spa day – She could do with some relaxation. If you’re feeling a bit more generous, we suggest a spa day for two – your partner and her bestie, because no one wants to go on a spa day alone. And of course you offer to take care of the baby. With a baby carrier and bottles, you will be just fine.
A fitness band – This could be just the right motivation to get out and get active and ultimately result in a happier healthier mommy.
Homecooked meals – You could use your time off work to do some batch cooking and freezing for the next few weeks. Trust us, she would fall head over heels for you all over again, just for this.
New pyjamas – With puke and poo being the norm of the day, a new mom can never have enough pyjamas.

Hope we have made it a little more easier for you to make your decision. The most important thing is that you remember to spend time with your family and fill our homes with love and laughter, not just for Christmas.

With that note, all of us at Bluebell team wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a joyful New Year!

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