Your baby at 8-10 months
Baby and boy playing together on grass

I like to move it, move it! If your little one hasn’t started crawling, they may do at this age, and there’s a chance they could even start walking! This range of possibilities shows how normal it is for two babies of the same age to be at such different stages. Always remember that babies […]

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Your baby at 5-7 months
mother and baby smiling

Dude, where’s my baby? Something you might start asking as your little one begins to move around. This time can be a big change for you, as they may no longer be sitting still where you leave them – once they start crawling they’ll want to crawl all over to learn new things about their […]

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Science review: The importance of sleep part III – sleep in your baby’s first year
sleeping baby

Newborns spend around 70% of their time asleep, sleeping often, but in short periods. When they’re awake, they need feeding, changing and lots of TLC, which leaves parents exhausted. As this sleep routine is very different to parents’ sleep, many worry over whether their baby is sleeping well. There are then extra concerns when the […]

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Your baby at 2-4 months
baby feet being held by mum

Your baby’s fascinating first few months can pass by incredibly quickly, and so much can happen in that short space of time when it comes to their development. All babies are different, and there is no strict schedule when it comes to reaching specific milestones, but if you have doubts, trust your instincts and if […]

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How does stress affect my baby?
stressed woman feeds baby in messy room

Having a baby brings with it all kinds of amazing experiences, but having to care 24/7 for this tiny human also creates many new and sometimes unexpected challenges. These challenges can result in stressful feelings, the effects of which may not only be confined to you; research by Keith Hampton et al has shown us […]

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Science review: to co-sleep or not to co-sleep (part II)

One of the biggest challenges that new parents face is lack of sleep, and it’s natural to just focus on how your new born is sleeping, putting your needs on the back-burner. Finding a healthy balance between keeping your baby safe and sound while avoiding sleep deprivation yourself is problematic for many parents. There is […]

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