How does stress affect my baby?
stressed woman feeds baby in messy room

Having a baby brings with it all kinds of amazing experiences, but having to care 24/7 for this tiny human also creates many new and sometimes unexpected challenges. These challenges can result in stressful feelings, the effects of which may not only be confined to you; research by Keith Hampton et al has shown us […]

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Keeping your baby safe this bonfire night
firework bonfire night sparkler

It’s that time of year again: we’re heading out to nearby fields on crisp evenings to watch terrific firework displays, warm ourselves by bonfires or wave sparklers around like magic wands. The celebrations on and around bonfire night are a joy for kids and adults alike, but it’s natural to have concerns about taking babies […]

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Science review: to co-sleep or not to co-sleep (part II)

One of the biggest challenges that new parents face is lack of sleep, and it’s natural to just focus on how your new born is sleeping, putting your needs on the back-burner. Finding a healthy balance between keeping your baby safe and sound while avoiding sleep deprivation yourself is problematic for many parents. There is […]

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Science review: To co-sleep or not to co-sleep? (Part I)

Becoming a parent comes with lots of excitement but it also brings many new questions and decisions! None perhaps more important than deciding sleeping arrangement after the little one arrives. And as with all parenting decisions – more important a decision is, more diverse and passionate the opinions are. Often the advocates of two approaches […]

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Getting your baby’s sleeping environment right

There are no clear rules as to what is the ‘right’ place for a baby to sleep. In practice, there are two main things that parents typically consider when thinking about this: What space you have available – If you only have a studio flat, then your baby will be in your room and possibly […]

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